I was hitting a brick wall in trying to develop and publish my website. Several months had elapsed and nothing was happening. My frustration level was off the charts. I decided to contact Layne for assistance. I knew she would do a good job, based on my past experience with the work she does. However, I assumed it would take a long time. Well, not only did she design and develop a good looking and professional site, it was up and published within a week after our initial discussions! Further, the training Layne provided gave me the ability to easily manage my site by myself. This one-on-one training experience was perfect for me in that it, clearly and concisely, addressed my specific needs. AND, Layne shared video recordings of the training with me so I can reference it whenever I need a "brush-up". Thank you, Layne. Your knowledge, experience, professionalism, and ability as a trainer are unsurpassed!

I’ve been an administrator for many years but I’m just now developing my own Virtual Assistant business and am in the process of developing my website. I really wanted an eye-catching, professional logo. I consider myself so fortunate that Layne Tinsley responded (quickly) to my RFP. I am now the proud owner of a perfect logo for what my business represents, thanks to Layne and her team. Quite simply, Layne is a pure delight to work with. She quickly grasped the concept of my business and ran with designing my logo. She understood that time was of the essence to me and, to my great satisfaction, the project was finished days before the deadline I established! Her turnaround time is truly impressive. Additionally, her follow-up and communication throughout the project were “above and beyond”. I would recommend Layne to anyone. She is a rare breed – a true professional and a great person!

My cards arrived yesterday afternoon. Early Christmas! They are awesome cards. I'm MORE than satisfied with them and especially impressed with their physical composition. No throw-away cards these!

Thank you both so much!

Congratulations, Layne, on this amazing and beautiful "confidence package". Your video is truly inspirational. I especially like the fact that not only does it address business practices, it also positively addresses "life" practices...and explains why successful life practices are necessary for developing successful business practices. The way you show your listeners how to take "small steps" helps so much to remove any stress or fears associated with this life-changing guide. What a bonus the written material is! You've done the work needed for those first "small steps" in such an organized and appealing way. In doing so, you're enabling us to easily begin four weeks of enjoyable and life-enhancing work. You've virtually eliminated that "first small step" of work for us by providing these awesome guides. I'm so grateful to have been able to preview this experience and so excited that your many followers and clients will soon have this wonderful guide to enriching their lives!

Betty Danis
Layne Tinsley is a special force of nature and perfect professional mavin. In her role as the Executive Assistant to the President of the Arts Institute, Sacramento, she was my critical intermediary to arrange and manage myriad operations and events between my large, regional, all youth media arts non-profits, The Tower of Youth and the Sacramento Digital Arts Studio Partnership, and her graduate art campus administration. Handling the complex logistics of meetings. workshops, service relationships involving various departments in the Arts Institute and my annual public film festival and training events were invariably handled with precise and solid communications and utterly confident execution.

Layne has atomic energy, charisma, a warmth and personalness that makes things happen properly and reliably. She plans ahead, tracks, confirms all agreements and relations, never letting the ball fall in the cracks of multi-stakeholder collaborations. In a time when professional alienation and superficiality are so rampant, Layne is exemplary in her caring, good humor, and rich humanity. One can be sure if she is in the mix, whatever is on the table will work with aplomb!!
Dr. William Bronston
The Tower of Youth and the Sacramento Digital Arts Studio Partnership
Over the past two years I have had the pleasure of working with Layne Tinsley as a key member of our Workforce Development team. During this period, which ranged from times of exceptional growth to the austerity imposed by the fiscal crisis, Layne has always proven to be a great and willing help. We often try to inventory someone's skills by saying they are capable of this or that activity. In that regard, Layne offers an exceptional skillset when it comes to using the software and network systems that we are so dependent upon. She is also a very capable writer and editor, making everyone's work appear that much better. The hardest thing to inventory may in fact be the most important and that's the willingness to share the load when the pressure is on, making sure, first and foremost, that the job gets done right, and gets done on time. When others might head for the exit, Layne stays until the job is completed.
Norman Franklin
Manager, Workforce Strategic Development, California Prison Health Care Services
The number one trait I remember about Layne is that she is always willing to lend her hand to any task, big or small with a smile. She truly wants to assist others. She is creative and has a wonderful disposition - in business this is a very important trait as you have to work with a diverse group of individuals. She made it easy to ask for support and offered to support our department wherever she could. I would work with Layne again!
Annette (Jensen) Dowsing
Assistant Director, Career Services & Talent Management Professional, The Art Institute of California - San Diego
Layne is genuinely helpful in an authentic way. I was very impressed with Layne's knowledge, coaching skills, and experience with Wordpress and Mailchimp. She has a unique set of skills that would be an asset to anyone who hires her.
Lourdes McCombs
President, Noble Virtual Assistant
I would genuinely say that Layne is a super pleasant person who was always reliable and committed to her craft.
Ken Rohlf
Attorney, LeVander, Gillen & Miller, P.A.
I had the pleasure of working with Layne my last year at The Art Institutes. As the Executive Assistant to the Sacramento Campus President she provided support to local, regional and system wide executives including myself. Our business interaction was primarily remote and I rapidly discovered that Layne was an invaluable team player I could rely upon. I trusted her to distribute confidential and time sensitive financial reports to the Campus President, his directors and other key managers. She is an enthusiastic team player and creative problem solver who willingly took on new responsibilities outside the ordinary scope of her position. During a time of great organizational change she brought forth sound ideas during brain-storming sessions. She was wholly invested in the common goals of student success, academic quality and career outcomes which the matrix team worked to achieve on behalf of the campus. Layne effectively interacts with all levels of employees within an organization. I would be pleased to work with a professional of this caliber again and recommend Layne highly to any prospective employer or client.
Kathleen Martin
Regional Finance Director, The Art Institutes
Layne has a can do attitude and makes working with her fun and exciting. She has attention to detail and believes in getting a job done right! Any firm will excel having Layne as an employee.
Trisha Dermott
Career Services Directory, The Art Institute of California - Sacramento
Layne was my executive assistant whom functioned as my right-hand person. She was always prompt, dependable, and often times creative with handling both the designated tasks assigned to her position as well as additional assignments that she willingly took on. Her social media skills were a benefit both to myself and the school. She organized a variety of different events that always turned out successful and regularly exceeded the results as our sister schools as a result of her organization and ability to reach out over social media to attract a larger number of participants. I would highly recommend Layne to anyone for any position that she pursues as I'm confident she will do an excellent job.
Terry Marlink
President, The Art Institute of California - Sacramento
I love this new Confindence package you’ve done. It is so well thought out and planned. Though I will need to go back and re-watch the video because of all the valuable information you’ve spoken into it. What you have done is awesome. Some information I’ve learned from others along the way, but you did have value and perspective not seen anywhere else.
Sheri Bambrough