Welcome to the Sparkle Store

We created this store for you. The Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Office Manager, Solopreneur, Entrepreneur, and Business Owner.

We have worked corporate, small businesses, and contracting as an independent business owner for over 20 years. We’ve always been techie, trying to figure out better and improved technology-utilizing methods of making administrative/administration tasks more efficient and effective. Needless to say, like you, we have had to hunt all over the internet for specific forms and programs. It can get expensive, stressful on the budget, and eat away at time best spent on productivity.

Our goal in creating the Sparkle Store was to make all the digital materials ridiculously inexpensive to procure – so you can pick and choose what you want and need. No more buying complete programs when all you are looking for is a particular form or insightful program. We’re a la carte here.

Now, you might be thinking, “Sure, it’s cheap, but I don’t need more crap!” We assure you, we have spent a great deal time on each digital product – consisting of presentation, ease of use, spelling, grammar, punctuation. You will find all the products will measure up to this standard and it is our hope that you will find them to be worth much more than you paid for them. If it doesn’t, let us know so we can make any corrections.

At the moment, you will find the store growing over time. So check us out to see what has been added since the last time you visited. I’m hoping this will be your first stopping point when looking for planners and worksheets, forms and templates, and programs. We’re not looking to gouge the customer – the reason for the pricing, but rather provide a repository of quality materials that are easy to acquire by price and convenience of immediate delivery.

The store has been broken down into three categories – Workbooks & Planners, Forms & Templates, and Programs. This is to keep the store from becoming unwieldy as it grows, creating a more satisfying viewing and selection experience.

If you find satisfaction in the materials, we hope you will share us with others who would appreciate the value and simplistic experience of building their library.

You will always see your cart (with your product, amount of items, and total cost) at the top of every store page. For even more convenience, you can pay with PayPal or a credit card.

Also, feel free to contact us directly to let us know if you have any suggestions on what we can do to improve.

Finally, thank you for visiting the Sparkle Store. Visit us any time! And feel free to reach out to us with suggestions.