You love to write and you have great ideas, suggestions, or words of wisdom you would love to be able to share with your fellow office professionals. You would love the opportunity to write, but don’t want to manage a website or blog of your own. Or you have a website or blog and would like the opportunity to contribute an article that will reach a like-minded audience.

This blog focuses on the office professional, providing sources of information that cultivate learning and growing. As an individual, I am only able to provide a single view of experience.  The objective is to add value to the readers of Sparkle. Contributing your perspective and experience that will allow you to share your challenges, successes, and develop your writing skills.

If you believe your experiences and knowledge would be helpful to a Sparkle reader, I would like to encourage you to submit an article and I will get back to you. I agree to provide your link, an image of your choice, and a short bio supplied by you, at the end of the post. I also will feature you under my Guest Writer page, including your post link(s). Once your article goes “live,” it will be pushed through my circle of social media. You will be provided the link to your article, the day and time (you provide me your preference) the article is scheduled to go “live” in advance so that you can share with your social media.

You can submit your article to me, preferably in Microsoft Word, to Your article MUST be original and has never been posted anywhere else on the internet. I look forward to collaborating with you in the endeavor to inform and develop exceptional administrative professionals, as well as cross-promotional opportunities.

I am looking forward to expanding my network of fellow bloggers. So definitely feel free to contact me.

To your success!