About Monique

Monique Tinsley here!

I am a graduate of Gordon State College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and have goals that are led by a desire for excellence and efficiency. My desire for excellence and belief that to do something well does not require it to be labor intensive, but expeditious. It is a common saying in many a workplace, it is best that one work smarter – not harder. With the acquisition of knowledge, I believe one’s projected results have a higher probability of coming to pass. This belief has led me to be the president of Gordon’s Premedical Association and an officer of the local biological honor’s society chapter, Tribeta.

Over the last ten years, I have worked in the various industries of assembly work to restaurant work to administrative work to laboratory work. I have found that while they have their different skill sets and duties, they all benefit greatly from being done well. I see more being accomplished when completing a task properly than a race to do as much as possible because inevitably mistakes are made and time must be taken to redress them when found.

I delight in discovering new ideas and analyzing old. It is because of this that I research health and philosophical ideologies, as well as political actions that affect the future of writing and freedom of speech. This enjoyment bled over into professional endeavors as I had studied with my school in both academic research groups and employment as a research analyst in the Biology department for over two years. I take great pride in my work and make every effort to complete projects in the most beautiful way possible.