The Admin’s Sparkle

Administrative Sparkle is all about the administrative-related profession. It is a place to visit to find inspiration and encouragement. The goal is designed to offer tips, techniques, and information that is involved in the many “hats” this position fills.

An administrative professional must have an excellent grasp of the English language, writing, math, analytical, computer, networking, customer service, general people skills, along with a skillful knowledge and expertise in the many programs used in today’s technological office and online presence and interaction. We may be the first contact a person has with a company, whether by phone or walking into the office. Therefore, we also represent the first impression of the company. We are also, generally, the gatekeepers. We manage the traffic that comes through to the executives, being correspondence, telephone, and in-person. We keep an office running smoothly; process incoming and departing staff, employees, and contract workers; pay the bills; calm irate customers; and so much more.

Administrative Sparkle encourages administrative professionals in every industry to take value in their contribution in making their executive’s job easier and business successful. We work in the background so the executive doesn’t have to be bogged down in the details that keep the office running smoothly and efficiently. Take pride in this and have the confidence to “bring up your game” each day that elevates you and your profession to the status of excellence and professionalism.

This website is perfect for you! We bring the “sparkle” to the office!