Personalizing Your Office Space

On November 8, 2012, in Messy Desk, by Layne

Hope your day is going good and you are getting so much done! We all have a little bit of our “own” space and I thought I would share with you what I do with mine.

I’ve got an office with a window! A really BIG window at that. I have to admit I like it a lot. There’s a tree right outside so it’s not completely urban and there is this crazy, vain bird that has picked out our office engineer’s car specifically to look at itself in his window and side mirrors. This is EVERY day, at least when it’s nice out.

I have a fax/printer right next to me and I do a LOT of faxing. Here’s the interesting thing, all our faxes come into our email, so I only use the fax machine for outgoing. You can’t see the phone, but it sits right next to the fax machine and the computer. The only thing I would change with that is a headset because I take calls from vendors and customers, so I do a lot of phone to computer work. I’m working on that.

You can see my files poking out of the bookshelf that sits behind me. In the corner under my desk is where I put all my shred. I use a simple box cover to contain my shred and when I’ve procrastinated long enough for it to get full, I shred and recycle appropriately. Everything has its place and I’m able to locate information quickly and efficiently.

Here is my list of cool office accessories:

  • Sometimes I listen to music. I used to listen to my iPod on a Bose speaker system tucked away in the corner of my workstation. Now I have Spotify playing softly in the background, experimenting with different playlists, like “Coffeehouse.” I can now listen to artists and songs I wouldn’t otherwise hear of on mainstream radio. It has really widened my musical acumen.
  • Wallpaper on my computer is AWESOME! I love the Windows Themes. Right-click on an open area of your desktop, select Personalize and select a theme or download themes from online. I’m currently enjoying the theme “Moments Captured by Rish Agarwal.”
  • I do have a picture of me with my kids (when they were very little as they are all grown up now). I haven’t really done much personalization as my design taste tends to gravitate more as a minimalist. However, I would like your thoughts on what might be interesting for the wall above the bookcase.

So now you know, I am not an interesting office decorating person. I prefer lots of room to spread out my work during the day. And then I try to make sure everything is clean and organized, put in its place, at the end of the day. This allows me to walk into my office feeling organized and not reflecting a crazy day ahead of me. Get my morning brew, boot up, and dive in.

What do you think of my office? Do you think I should personalize it more? I would love to know what you think. I can send you an updated picture and show you what I’ve done if I take your suggestion.

Thanks for taking time out your day to spend it with me for a second, I appreciate it. I hope to hear what you think  I can do with my “space.” I love hearing from you and have been really enjoying the letters I receive.

Sparkles and Smiles,


2 Responses to “Personalizing Your Office Space”

  1. kmkfoley says:

    Love it … I love my headset..I have a wireless that let’s me answer calls no matter where I am in our office. I only have to walk back to my desk if I need to transfer the call or look something up for the client.

    • Layne says:

      Would love to know what headset you use so I can include it in my research. Besides I prefer referrals over buying-and-trying. Thank you so much for your input! -Layne

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