Office Etiquette – Introduction

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EtiquetteEtiquette is so integral in the workplace, that I continue to be amazed at the lack of civility, courtesy, and, in essence, social grace to the people we spend the majority of our week and nearly complete day engaging our time and lives with. We live in an age where our behavior extends beyond on our backyard. We also work in an environment that includes a wide array of cultures and personalities; as well as a workforce whose generations are working later in their years and our younger generations are entering. We are a larger workforce than any prior generation.

Do we really need a series on office etiquette? Well, if “office bullying” is the hot topic today, maybe some tips on cultivating excellence in our behavior among one another isn’t such a bad idea. Most companies include behavior guidelines, along with some vague expectation of a dress code, in their “Welcome” package. However, behavior guidelines are rarely addressed until they are nearing possible legal ramifications and/or introducing HR intervention.

If you are not completely aware, HR represents the best interest of the company. Therefore, HR will take any necessary precautions or actions to ensure the problem is resolved. Now, we all know the problem is the individual whose conduct is of the offense, but it will be the person who is creating the waves that they will deal with in an expedient nature. It’s not fair, but until there is a “no tolerance,” and adhered to, that mandates acceptable behavior in the work environment.

So, with all that said, I hope you find the related articles to come interesting, informative, and even helpful. Here’s to creating excellence in business that encourages productivity, creativity, and collaboration. Ultimately, it is to the benefit of any company’s bottom line – revenue to do business, pay their employees, and provide quality product and service in their niche.

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  1. Victoria Christin

    Whatever happened to “everything I know I learned in Kindergarten”? Office Etiquette is a learned behavior and it is very sad that not everybody is interested in acquiring this behavior. Rudeness is rampant in the workplace and it is very sad.


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