I believe that we are all connected. Treat others with dignity and respect. Well, that’s what I try to do. It’s hard sometimes when you are dealing with people who do not treat you with dignity and respect.

For most, your job is your identity. It’s not the dollars that give you value, but the pride you take in your work, the skills and knowledge that you have cultivated over the years, and the satisfaction you feel when you provide a service that contributes to the success of your employer or boss.

Sometimes I think of it as a test, a test of my character. Will I rise above or will I sink to the level of the person who is doing everything they can to demean or intimidate me. Will I cower and allow someone else to reduce my self-esteem. And it is hard, hard not to place some sense of value of myself by the opinions of others or whether someone likes me or not.

Stay strong. Have faith. Always remember that you are unique and important in the larger scheme of things. Try to have patience and understanding for those who are unkind to you. You may not be aware of what they may be going through in their own personal life at the moment, they won’t tell you. Or, for some, just the power of their position can make them cocky and full of self-importance.

Life runs in cycles. It has its ups and downs, great successes and great losses in health, relationships, career, etc. No one is immune when it comes to trials and everyone has the ability to achieve great success.

Listen to and appreciate the people who matter to you and move on from those who don’t. Wish them well, but do not permit them into your psyche to wreak havoc on your mental attitude, chip away at the greatness that is within you, or tear you down. In a job, you just don’t know what you are getting into.

In these times, it is not necessarily that easy to just find another job, but continue to seek out other opportunities. It might take some time and you deserve good things and good people in your life who encourage you, uplift you, help you navigate, and who genuinely appreciate and care about you.

With gratitude and appreciation,

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Layne has worked in the Administration field for over 20+ years and an entrepreneur of Administrative Sparkle, bringing her knowledge and experience to the masses. She loves building relationships with like-minded individuals and an advocate for women's equality.
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