Adapting Your Message to Your Audience

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In Chapter 1, we learned that our message needs to convey to you by deflecting the focus away from I, we, our, us. Chapter 2 of Business and Administrative Communication, titled “Adapting Your Message to Your Audience” focuses on an individual’s personality traits and some suggested points to pay attention to that makes them more receptive to your message.  It also identifies the various audiences that you message must reach, convince, or get through.

You will find various personality test links in this mindmap that help you understand what makes you tick and, in viewing other personality traits, it can help you understand how others receive information, or maybe understand why some people rub you the wrong way.

Reminder: in order to view all the details, notes, and links of the mindmap, you will want to go to MindJet and download the viewer.  Also the information here is merely snippets of the extensive explanations and examples that are given in the book and would encourage you to include in your library.

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Adapting Your Message to Your Audience

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