I’m curious to know how many people still make resolutions. After all, don’t we make goals over the course of the year? That’s evolution and adjusting to events as they occur.

2013 Resolution

Last year health and relationships became my priority after being diagnosed with cancer. It happened to occur at the beginning of the year. Had this not been the case, my priorities, goals, and intentions would have radically changed any New Year’s resolutions I had made midstream. I would have wadded my resolutions paper into a ball and shot for a two-pointer at the nearest trash container.

Obviously that is an extreme example as my entire focus was geared to showing up for appointments and the amazing people who magically showed up to shower me with love and support.

This year I find myself expanding on the lessons and achievements of last year. Starting over, last year seems to be a building block for this year. What more can I do to expand on what I learned from last year? What circumstance has become the focal point for this year?

It’s important not to feel overwhelmed with EVERYTHING that we would like to do, fix, or change in ourselves. It’s too much. So pick one that you can do BIG!

I still think that life should be a balance. So don’t forget to incorporate something for all the sides of life that require continual development.

• Work
• Family
• Home
• Social
• Community
• Spiritual
• Health / Fitness
• Educational
• Fun

(See Lists for Life)

Don’t forget to ask the essential questions so you can pin down what is important, why it’s important, and what it will take to make the biggest impact to take that area to higher level.

• Who
• What
• When
• Where
• Why

(See Everything a Goal Needs: Smart, Fun, and Motivating)

Most of all have fun! Enjoy the process and get something out of it that goes beyond the merely superficial. Achieve substance that connects to your soul and you will find it a more enjoyable endeavor and you become a part of making the world a better place. You become one person who makes a difference. Find inspiration in others who are doing or have done what you want to do. Then you will become an inspiration for someone else who wants to do that too.

If you haven’t thought about making a list for the year, maybe this article has inspired you to consider throwing something down on paper (it’s not too late) and committing to something that is important to you—whether you knew it or not.

(See Personal Development: Forming Habits)


I encourage you to inspire others by leaving a comment about who or what inspires you. You never know, there are others who may want to join you. My wish is for all that follow me here are able to connect with each other. You can find each other and interact on my Facebook Sparkle page at Administrative Sparkle.

Happy New Year to all my Sparkle Peeps!


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